The Principles of Intuitive Eating with Tori Natali-Brown

Join Joyce & Tori Natali-Brown, Nutrition Program & Product Specialist at Nutrisystem, for a casual conversation perfect for a walk. With the holidays quickly approaching, Tori and Joyce talk about how to navigate nutrition, and Tori even shares what's on her family of four dietician's table for Thanksgiving. You'll hear why you should challenge your beliefs about food and how to enjoy it more, plus learn what intuitive eating is and the principles that align with this practice. Some of them just might surprise you! Finally, Tori shares tips on how to approach the new year for success.

About Tori

Tori Natali-Brown is a Registered Dietitian-Nutritionist and Nutrition Program Innovation Specialist at Nutrisystem. She is an expert in nutrition and dietetics, weight management, digestive health, and the psychology of eating. Tori believes in a holistic approach to healthy living and nutrition with an emphasis on approachability.

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